• Static Line Course

For the ''Do it on my own'' Person we offer a full day of training followed by a static line jump on your own from 3000 ft. This means that your chute deploys as soon as you jump. Ground Crew will direct you to a safe landing at the landing Circle.
To complete your A-license on the static line program you need to complete the student progression program and the intermediate skills program, this will take 21 days weather permitting.

  • AFF Course

Also for the "Do it on my own" Person we offer a full day of training followed by a free fall jump from 11000 ft accompanied by two instructors who guide you through free fall, and make sure that your chute is deployed. Ground crew will guide you to a safe landing at the landing circle.
AFF course will take you 8 days to complete 10 levels and do 5 post graduate jumps weather permitting, to obtain your A- lisence you need to complete the intermediate skills program (FS)

  • Tandem Introductory Skydive

For the "Not so brave". We offer a tandem jump from 10 000 ft to introduce people to skydiving attached to a tandem instructor. This includes a scenic flight over the famous Namib Dune Fields, a 35 second free fall, a 5 minute canopy ride and a safe landing back at the club house. You then can decide if you want to proceed in skydiving.

  • Fun and Beach Jumps

For the "already skydiving" we offer fun , progression and beach jumps. We have gear to rent and offer a packing service. Beach Jumps are weather dependant and for rated skydivers only. Just remember to bring your paperwork along I.e. Logbook and licenses.

  • Prices
  1. Static line course N$ 1500.00
  2. Special discount on groups.
  3. Accelerated Freefall N$ 15 000.00
  4. Option DVD N$450.00 per jump
  5. You get a fully edited dvd of all 10 levels
  6. Tandem N$ 2500.00
  7. Outside Camera N$1000.00
  8. Handy Cam N$500.00
  9. Video Deluxe N$1300.00
  10. Intermediate Skills Program coaching N$ 600.00
  11. Formation Skydive coaching N$ 700.00

All jumps include thrid party insurance.

  •  Staff

    We are a United States Parachute Ass affiliated drop zone and all our staff meet the United States Parachute Ass qualifications and are all members of the United States Parachute Ass.  
  1. Eddie Techman: Has 11000 jumps and he is a Coach, Static line and AFF instructor/examiner.  He is also the Safety and Training Advisor in the Namibian region.

  2. Michael Louw:  Has 7000 jumps and is a Coach, Static line, AFF , Tandem Instructor.

  3. Zandy Marais: Has 500 jumps and is a  Coach and Tandem Instructor.

  4. Thys Potgieter: Has 700 jumps and is a  Coach, Tandem Instructor.

  5. Francois Kros: Has 2000 jumps and is a  Coach, Static Line, AFF and Tandem instructor.

  6. David Botha: Has 600 jumps and is a Coach, Static line and Tandem Instructor.

We also have qualified packers .


  • Skydiving Safaris
  • We also offer tailor made skydiving safaris to the heart of Namibia Damaraland to see the desert elephant and many other mamual specis, or to the Namib desert which is the oldest desert in the world to jump at sunrise or sunset in the dunes.
  • We cater for groups of 4 minimum and groups of 10 maximum.
  • You can either lodge(bed & breakfast) or luxury camping.Prices on request.
  • Most jumps will be at sunrise or just before sunset.

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